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What is responsive web design? Responsive web design is a relatively new concept, initially prompted by Google et al, who wanted web sites to be equally visible on all media e.g. desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets and importantly mobile phones.


Can all websites be made into responsive design websites? We do not believe so. Take for example an industrial client of our's, namely Alanco Alamatic i.e. http://www.alanco-alamatic.com. They manufacture industrial disc brakes at their factory in Manchester U.K. Many Companies that deal with them want to view technical data, or 3D drawings, which would be totally impossible on say a mobile phone. Imagine a technical drawing that fills a 21" computer screen. If that were viewed on a mobile phone you would only see say a twentieth, of the drawing, at any one time. You would therefore have to constantly memorise what you had seen as you scrolled left and right and up and down. We suggest that this is an impossible task to realistically be expected to undertake.


Knowing this dilemma and accepting that Google et al want web sites to be viewable on all media and will, we understand in the future, give priority to responsive websites in their search engines, we designed two basic user friendly websites i.e.one being reponsive whilst the other is a conventional web site. Then visitors who want to view large technical drawings can visit their conventional website where the technical data can be found.

Another deficiency we find with responsive websites is their handling, or rather lack of it, when producing multi drop down menus - particularly those which embrace multi sub menus as found in the Alanco Alamatic website.


Responsive websites are clearly therefore not a panacea, whilst accepting that for some websites they work very well indeed.


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