Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.)

What do we mean by the term Search Engine Optimisation? When you have a web site its main purpose is to attract potential customers to visit it and hopefully do business with you. There are hundreds of millions of web sites on the Internet all looking to improve their client base.


So how do we ensure that your web site can be more easily found than some of your competitors? This is where the creative skills of the web designer and their knowledge of search engine optimisation play their part. A strong understanding of the principles of search engine optimisation is a must if your web site is going to rank highly for specific search terms.


A search term is the word or phrase that you enter into a search engine e.g. our Client namely Alanco Alamatic Ltd uses the search term industrial disk brakes and we were able to get them to the number 1 slot in Google.co.uk. The positions will vary, over time, but click here to see a screen shot taken as evidence. Note that this position was reached out of 580,000 web sites.


Softcell Systems discuss appropriate search terms, with their clientele, to identify which search term (or terms) would be most applicable to your business and then incorporate these terms into the code that is responsible for producing a specific page on your web site. It is possible to have specific search terms for specific pages on your web site e.g. you may have a page that targets disc brakes whilst another might target car radiators. Softcell Systems would designed to reflect those differences.


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